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Egis IT Security offers a variety of security suites and products for sale to protect your network and information.  We offer products and services as a convenience to our clients while retaining a neutral stance regarding the products you or your team ultimately select. The goal is to satisfy the business risk management or regulatory requirements for your protection.

In addition to one-time or annual security assessments, we are available to be that "bolt-on" security partner that your organization needs.  In particular, if you are in a regulated business and find yourself working against security threats, interacting with auditors or regulators on a regular basis, or have clients that need an assurance of that you value their IT security needs and can maintain an environment to their standards.  This can be true for businesses in these sectors but may be a concern for other business types as well:


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Egis IT Security - Cybersecurity Risk Management


Help Me Now!

  • We can develop your IT policies, process documents, and procedures
  • We can be that expert you need in the meeting room with you and your auditors
  • We can perform ongoing security awareness training and consultations
  • Network, IT, and vulnerability assessments can help identify your risk areas
  • Recommend, sell, and if needed, perform ongoing monitoring of backups, anti-virus solutions, SIEM Products, firewalls, anti-spam / malware, patch-deployment/monitoring, and other security devices
  • Monitor your web sites, computer networks, and servers for availability and security baselines so that you know when problems arise.
  • Our monitoring solutions run from our servers or the cloud so you have an effective picture of your online status.
  • Work with development teams to scan and evaluate web applications during Dev Ops phases for secure code development requirements (OWASP, etc.)

We have found that many small businesses can benefit from our services as a managed security service provider or from our compliance-as-a-service consults. With continued involvement with your business, we can utilize our skills to assist in all matters of security assessments, audits, and work with you to develop everything from Information Security policies to Disaster Recovery (DR) plans.  If you don't have full-time IT staff working for your company, then do you have a need for a full-time IT security professional?  Probably not - and that role can be fulfilled by Egis IT Security.  If you do have a full-time IT staff or IT service provider, then you still may not wish to have a full-time security professional.  With minimal input from you and your staff, we can be that outsourced managed services vendor to fill that need.

If you are not an existing customer but are experiencing an emergency due to a disaster, security threat, or problems with broken backups please Contact Us as soon as possible. Once we understand the scale and scope of your problem, we will be able to assist or advise you as quickly as possible.

  • HIPAA, CJIS, or NIST-compliant Vendors and Service Providers
  • Government-funded non-profits, NGOs, and contractors - FISMA and NIST standards
  • Healthcare - Dental, medical, insurance - HIPAA Compliance
  • Retail or Web-Storefront - Payment Card Industry standards
  • Any client with data security concerns under State breach law
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Cyber security risk management and risk assessments