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Egis IT Security has a focus on working with regulated not-for-profit and NGOs that are regulated under federal NIST standards and HIPAA / HITECH. We have also worked with clients who are preparing for HITRUST audits and certifications for mobile device software developers (DevOps) teams.

For each client, Egis performs thorough assessments of single or combined security control sets. We work with you to identify your information assets, information flows, and assess cybersecurity risks for the organization. We can work with you to manage projects to achieve and maintain HIPAA security and privacy compliance.

Egis works with healthcare entities and supply chain manufacturers to maintain HIPAA HITECH and compliance with SOC or ISO standards if needed

Egis can work with HIPAA-compliant organizations to develop an effective security program – essential in today’s threat climate to decrease cyber risk. Good due diligence practices under HIPAA and NIST standards can be achieved with routine or continuous 3rd-party monitoring and assessments, regular follow-up with leadership on status, and providing effective solutions. We can provide your organization with compliance expertise and audits to ensure that these practices are maintained.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Risk Analysis of information systems and policies to protect from gaps in the security of sensitive data.
  • Compliance as a Service for small institutions - we can be your cyber security and compliance staff.
  • Continuous Monitoring for vulnerabilities, regular pen testing for threat exposures, and dark web threat monitoring
  • Security Awareness Training for internal system protection with managed maturity processes, including OCR advisory services.
  • Incident Response Planning and Exercises including annual tabletops and social engineering.
  • Documentation of relevant policies and procedures needed for HIPAA and HITECH standards compliance.


Leverage our processes and technology to relieve regulated clients and those with sensitive data from the burdens of maintaining cybersecurity and information controls. Elevate organizational security awareness and requirements recognition to the highest levels of management and ownership. Help maintain a culture that is disruptive to threat actors and anyone that would harm our clients and their critical industry sectors.