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Policy Documentation

Policy and Procedure Documentation

Documentation for your organization can have a variety of meanings. Whether it is documentation outlining your cybersecurity policies and procedures, documented proof of compliance for your auditors, or documenation of your organization's internal processes that assist you in responding to a variety of events. Whatever you may need, Egis can work with you in order to compile accurate, concise, and up-to-date documentation for your business.

At Egis, we recognize that your documentation needs may vary. Auditors may request a new piece of evidence for compliance control, or perhaps you are needing to update your cybersecurity policies. Egis can assist you with a wide variety of different documentation:

  • Access controls
  • Policies and procedures
  • Security awareness training
  • Risk assessment results
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Remediation plans
  • Data rights
  • Audits
  • Network diagrams
  • Incident response plan
Egis can document policies and procedures for access controls, remediation plans, security awareness and training, incident response, and vulnerability management, among others

At Egis, we know how stressful audits can be. By allowing Egis to assist you with documentation, you can ensure that all of your organization's essential policies, reports, and more are maintained, up-to-date, and accurate. This is essential not only for those within your organizationto have a thourough understanding of your procedures, but it is also essential for auditors to have documented proof showing compliance with the regulatory standards that affect your business.

Our skills and methods allow us to wear many industry hats. We have worked under audits and assessment frameworks for hundreds of compliance frameworks and standards.

Egis works with businesses of all sizes and industries. Most of our clients are small businesses who we help with the burden of their information security compliance needs. Feel free to reach out and see how we can help you!