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Security Awareness Training

Awareness Training

As a business owner or manager, it is easy to invest money on tools and software to protect your company assests, but it is easy to forget about another important asset that needs to be protected: your employees. One could utilize all of the security in the world and still experience a cyber threat due to human error and employee negligence, which is why it is important for employees within an organization to undergo cyber awareness training.

Security awareness training is not just a recomendation made by cybersecurity professionals, it is a requirement by many regulations. HIPAA, NIST, DFARS, CMMC, and many other standards require individuals, whether they be managers or an associate, to undergo awareness training.

Security Awareness Training from Egis includes KnowBe4 training modules, simulated phish testing emails, 
                                                                        KPI assessments and reports, newsletters, posters, and other documents

Although security awareness may seem daunting to implement, there are a variety of methods to utilize in order to implement security awareness training based on the needs of your organization, from traditional classroom learning sessions, to online training, to helpful security tips posted throughout your business. At Egis, we will identify the security awareness needs of your organization and identify the methods that will allow your employees to grow from being unaware of cybersecurity threats, to becoming knowledgeable walls of defense for your organization.

With Egis, you can be assured that your employees understand that cybersecurity is not just for an IT department, and are well informed about the various methods that threat actors will utilize in order to access your secured information. By performing ongoing awareness training, we will raise your organization's cybersecurity awareness by:

  • Assigning short, engaging, and up-to-date training modules on a variety of cybersecurity topics
  • Sending simulated phishing emails to employees to help them recognize a phishing attack
  • Compiling assessments and reports to identify weaknesses in your organization
  • Providing newsletters, documents, and posters to continually reinforce and remind employees the importance of cybersecurity

Our skills and methods allow us to wear many industry hats. We have worked under audits and assessment frameworks for hundreds of compliance frameworks and standards.

Egis works with businesses of all sizes and industries. Most of our clients are small businesses who we help with the burden of their information security compliance needs. Feel free to reach out and see how we can help you!