We cultivate customer relationships where we can be an ongoing trusted partner for your IT security needs. We call that our Compliance-as-a-Service or Managed Security Services model, depending on whether you're in a regulated industry.  If you have a need for these services, it means that you are probably large enough or regulated enough to have interactions with auditors or regulators for your industry.  Depending upon your size, managing that relationship between yourself and the auditors or with your interested parties about data security may not be the most effective thing for you or your IT staff to address. 

Egis IT Security is here to provide assessments, remediation, consultation, and services for you and your IT staff. The best part is that we speak everyone's language - saving time and energy on these interactions.

Egis IT Security is an Indiana-based Limited Liability Company.  We are privately-owned with no external investors or stakeholders. 

Our mission at Egis is to be a trusted provider of comprehensive information security and risk management services (Compliance-as-a-Service). We perform assessments for businesses to evaluate IT risk. We can also act as an outsourced information security manager, interacting with auditors and IT staff as needed. We offer monitoring and respond to emergencies for clients and wherever our expertise is of value - Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) services..

If a problem or project is large enough, we may refer clients to one of our partner IT services firms or call in assistance to work together for your needs.  Addressing your needs and your issues most effectively is our primary concern.



Our principles guide us to be a trusted business partner to our clients. We take the trust and security of our client information and of the community as a whole very seriously. Any technical access or stewardship that is granted to us will be handled with the greatest due care and diligence. Regardless of their level of experience and industry certifications, all staff at Egis IT Security agree to follow the ethical security guidelines provided by the ISC2 and InfraGard organizations.


As a Managed Security Service Provider and Compliance-as-a-Service consultancy, Egis IT Security remains vendor-neutral when possible and can advise or sell cloud-based or on-premise products when needed. We have several products and security suites that we favor in those cases and they are listed on our "Products" page. We directly sell and support them or refer clients to the proper sales channels. The industry continues to change and we adapt to these changes as needed with recommendations.

About Us


Shielding Your Business

Our team here at Egis IT Security has over 25 years of combined experience in Information Security performing security hardware, software, project,  and risk management work. We have experience in multiple industries and standards, and have  supported everything from secure Internet banking environments to credit unions to Payment Card Industry (PCI) to CJIS assessments. We've also worked in support of federal FISMA/NIST environments and HIPAA under FDA oversight.

Egis IT Security - Cybersecurity Risk Management


Egis IT Security works with IT service providers, vendors, and contractors and may refer work to them by working with our clients to find the best fit for their needs. We also work with vendors that can provide other types of project service such as server rooms and data centers, physical security, legal services and guidance, and Cybersecurity insurance. We cultivate partner relationships with companies that align with our own business ethics and standards of quality.